About Us


The Inspiration brand has grown leaps and bounds over the years, from humble beginnings in 2004 staring at a computer screen in a one-bedroomed flatlet. Our initial core focus was to provide the best Brand Ambassadors in the industry, which secured our relationships with Global Brands for over a decade and counting.

Our Promotions department, spearheaded by Amy, has expanded immensely over the years. Her expertise and dedication have proven to ensure that every client gets the right mix of exposure, sales and feedback. We are proud to say we are the biggest and most dynamic ‘below the line’ Promotional Company in the Eastern Cape.

Our Events department received a jump start into the field with a huge demand for our creative concepts and management style over the Football World Cup. Providing South African Breweries with executive hospitality packages during the World’s biggest sporting event, we designed and implemented a brand new temporary extended departures lounge at the Port Elizabeth International Airport.

We were also awarded the contract to create an entirely new VIP arrivals & departures terminal for all international competing teams and dignitaries within the highly secure military base.

Since then, our Events team headed up by Nicky and Ross with our Events and Implementation manager Ryno; has allowed us to be involved with some of the biggest events in the Country and we have also been able to extend our expertise to other African Countries, such as the Coca-Cola Sales Conference in Ethiopia.

Our infrastructure technicians, Monde and Khaya with their team; ensure that every temporary structure is built to perfection.

Our approach to every event is to dissect the plan down to the finest details and to build it right back up to the exact look and feel to that of which every client desires.

Our furniture and décor is handpicked and designed to give every event its own unique feel, while leaving every guest breathless.

The Team is made up of a variety of minds and we all contribute a different idea to create that perfect event.

Always perfect with a twist of crazy.